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Ong Bill Pay | Step by Step Guide for online payment

There are several options available for ong bill pay. Customers who avail of Oklahoma Natural Gas Services can use either of these methods to pay their bills. Ong provides affordable, reliable, and efficient natural gas in their home state. This company serves a huge number of people. Customers also have the option to create an online account using the Ong online portal. New users need to register first then they can log in whenever they want. An individual can report any emergency such as a damaged pipeline and others using the official portal. If you want to know how to log in to your ong bill pay account or register, then keep reading!

About ONG (Oklahoma Natural Gas)

Oklahoma Natural Gas (ONG) is the largest natural gas distributor in the state of Oklahoma. It was founded in 1906, and it is one of the oldest natural gas-providing corporations. Ong is the division of ONE gas Inc. ONE Gas offers its services to more than 2 million customers.

This company is sincerely committed to operating in a safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner. Oklahoma Natural Gas’s online website ensures easy access to the existing and prospective users. Customers can easily explore services and facilities from this portal. Every existing user availing of the ong services can create an online account associated with this company. Online accounts help users get regular updates, view payment history, and make payments online.

Where can I pay my ong bill?

Users can choose any of the payment methods available for ong bill pay. As long as you do it right, it doesn’t matter how you would pay your bill. Some of the convenient ways to do ong bill pay are listed below –

Pay Online

Making bill payments online is considered the most convenient way so far. Online accounts by ong help users to pay their bills quickly and easily. You will have two ways for ong bill pay online; Guest Payment and Online payment from your account. You need to enter a couple of details before making a guest payment. On the other hand, paying through your online account requires you to log in to your account and make the payment as usual. New users will have to create their accounts first, and then they can access the benefits provided by the online account.

Pay by Mail

Customers who want to pay their ong bill via mail need to include a tear-off portion of their monthly statement and need to write their account number on the check. You may mail your natural gas bill pay to the address illustrated below:

Oklahoma Natural Gas

P.O. Box 219296

Kansas City, MO 64121-9296

Pay by Phone

If you are not comfortable paying your bill online, you can easily pay it in person. Follow the prompts to pay through IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system or speak with customer service representatives. Customers can also speak with an agent and pay their bills by phone. You may use your debit or credit card. Besides, you need to call 800-664-5463.

Pay in Person

Most people are comfortable paying bills in person. They find it more trustworthy out of all methods of payment. You can pay your ong bill in person as Oklahoma Natural Gas Company offers more than 500 payment locations. These locations have authorized pay agents, payment drop boxes, and kiosks to pay your bill in person. Making payment through this method may take several days to post to your account. You need to pay a fee for using this payment method by providers.

How to log in to an ong bill pay account?

Users who want to make bill payments using their online account need to log in first. If you are a new customer, then you should create an account first. Only then can you access your online account. We will discuss the instructions to create an account for ong bill pay shortly. Meanwhile, users who already have an account can follow the following steps to login into their account –

sign in to account ong pay bill

Step 1: Open the browser on any of your devices and search for

Step 2: You will see “My Account” appearing on top of the ong homepage. Click on it

Step 3: A drop-down login box will show up where you need to enter your credentials.

Step 4: Enter your ong Username and Password correctly.

Step 5: After that, click on the “Login” button appearing at the end.

The login process consists of a couple of straightforward steps. I hope you understood them well and successfully logged in to your account. However, if you get stuck in between then, you can connect with the customer service. Users who have forgotten their ong bill pay login credentials can reset them easily. Steps for the same are illustrated onwards.

How to reset ong bill pay login credentials?

You can easily reset Forgotten Ong bill pay login credentials. So, you don’t have to worry about forgetting it in the first place. You may require to follow the instructions that are listed below to reset your login credentials.

Forgot Username

Step 1: Type in the search bar.

Step 2: It will take you straight to the official portal of ONG.

Step 3: You will find “My Account” in the top right corner of the Oklahoma natural gas homepage.

Step 4: Click on it, and a drop-down login box will appear.

Step 5: In that login box, you will see “Forgot Username or Password” stated just below the Login button.

Step 6: Tap on the “Forgot Username” to retrieve your ong bill pay login username.

Step 7: The login box will flip forward with the Forgot Username Instructions.

Step 8: Enter your Email address to proceed, and then click on the “Send Email”

Make sure the email address you have provided is associated with your online account. You will receive an email with your account information. Once you receive the mail, please open it and try to log in to your account again. If you have forgotten your password, then you can reset it using the following instructions.

Forgot Password

reset password -ong bill pay

Step 1: Search for in the search bar of the browser.

Step 2: It will take you straight to the official portal of the ong.

Step 3: You will find “My Account” at the top; click on it.

Step 4: A login box will pop up; at the bottom of this box, you will see “Forgot Username or Password”

Step 5: Tap on Password this time to reset your password.

Step 6: The login box will flip forward and ask you to enter your email

Step 7: Fill in your email address and click on the “Send” Email button to proceed.

You will receive an email that consists of your account information. Open the email and access your information. Make sure you have provided the correct and same email address that is associated with your online account. In case you face any trouble, then feel free to contact customer service.

What are the different types of registration options on the Ong portal?

There are three main options for the user during registration. You can choose whatever fits best with your service type. Users will have the following account type options –

registration type - oklahoma gas

  • Residential or Commercial
  • Home Builders
  • Property Developer

When you select your account type, you can click on the Next button to register. You will need to enter some of the details during registration. Enter them with utmost sincerity to successfully create your ong bill pay account.

How to enroll for an Ong bill online account?

New users are required to enroll/Create an online account. Enter your details, and you will create an ong bill pay account instantly. Remember, you can’t log in unless you have created an account. Because the username and password you are required to log in will be generated during this process. You can get updates regarding the services and payment statement and easily view/update your information from your account. So, let’s discuss the instructions to create an account –

user registration ong bill

Step 1: Open browser and search for

Step 2: When you reach the official portal, click on the “My Account”

Step 3: At the end of the login box, you will see “Create Account,” click on it

Step 4: It will update the page with the registration instructions for the ong bill pay online account.

Step 5: Now, select your account type. Suppose you are a Residential customer, then click on “Residential or commercial.” Select either of them as per your services.

Step 6: After that, click on “Next” to proceed with the procedure.

Step 7: You need to enter some of your personal information, along with creating your new password for your account.

Step 8: Read the terms and conditions carefully and then tick the small box appearing in front of it.

Step 9: Finally, click on “Next.” Later you can verify your user account and then billing account, and it is done.

The registration processes usually take along because you need to enter your information from scratch. But don’t forget to enter your details attentively because you may get stuck in between if you enter any of your details wrongly. However, you can contact customer service to get through that. Explain your query well so that you can get a reliable solution.

How to contact Oklahoma Natural Gas Customer Service?

Ong official website offers several options to contact them. You may choose any of them. Users can call directly on the customer service toll-free number by dialing 800-664-5463. However, you can schedule a call at your preferred time. For that, select your preferred time by clicking on the drop-down menu and then provide your phone number. Finally, click on the “schedule Call” button.

If you don’t want to get assistance by calling customer service, you can use their email form. You may need to enter a couple of details, and then you can type your question with the question box appearing at the end. When you are done, click on the “OK” button. Your question has been sent in the form of mail. You will get an answer/solution for the problem you have asked for by mail as well. So, keep checking your emails.

Final Words

That was all about Ong bill pay methods, login, reset credentials, and enrollment. Follow the steps to easily do either of these things. For more information you can visit the Oklahoma Natural gas website. I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any query then kindly call the customer service. You can reach customer service either by call or email. If you have any suggestions for us, then you may leave them in the comment section. It would be amazing to hear from our fellow readers.

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